Haylou RT LS055 Smart Watch 1.28″ TFT Display IP68 Water Resistant




Product parameters
Product name :HaylOu RT
Product model:Haylou LS05S
Strap width:22mm
Display screen:1.28 inch TF T display screen
Bluetooth connection:Bluetooth V5.0
Sensor:Heart rate sensor , acceleration senso
Battery capacity:300m Ah
System requirement:For Android 6.0 and above;For IOS11.0 and above(supported functions will vary from different watches,mobile phones and countries)
Battery life:About 15 days(24-hour heart rate monitoring)
Waterproof grade:IP68
Working temperature:0℃~40℃
Synchronous data platform :Haylou Fun
Sport modes Outdoor running, Indoor running, Fast walking, Cycling, Climbing Spinning, Yoga, Free training, Gyms, Basketball, Football, Rowing The Latest Haylou Series Smart Watch Haylou RT LSO5 s with the best design and function and features where heart rate monitoring call notification message and other performed the best compare to other series smart watch get the latest smart watch with warranty


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